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Meet --> PHONEZ 
Crafting Musical Journeys Through Sound

Hailing from the vibrant artistic landscape of Italy and now finding his creative home in Brussels, Phonez is the musical brainchild of Federico Fontana. This dynamic project seamlessly merges the roles of musician, music producer, and DJ, resulting in a captivating auditory voyage that spans electronic realms while maintaining a distinctive pop sensibility with dreamy undertones.

Phonez's sonic identity is characterized by a distinctive blend of electronic and deep sounds, where the echoes of dreamy pop reverberate throughout. His sets are a mesmerizing fusion of genres, showcasing his versatility as an artist. From downtempo to house and deep house, the threads of his musical tapestry are woven with groovy beats that possess a deep and soulful quality.


Prod by Phonez

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Reach out with any questions or ideas and let's make the magic happen.

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